Handel’s “Messiah”

George Handel

George F. Handel, composer

The Messiah Score was written by George F. Handel in 1741 and has been universally sung since it was composed. The words of the Messiah have been lifted directly from the Bible and matched in beauty with a musical score. A beautiful blend of choruses and solos, this masterpiece depicts the Prophecy and Promise of the Redeeming Messiah (Part 1), the Suffering Lamb Who Redeems (Part 2), and Thanksgiving for the Defeat of Death (Part 3).

The Chorus is accompanied by the organ for the whole concert. Each number is a treat in itself but the emotional high points are the famous “Hallelujah” chorus and the “Amen” chorus. From a Christian perspective there are no other musical works that compare to the work of The Messiah. We use the Van Camp Edition of The Messiah.